Friday, December 4, 2009

Pincess in the tower

My beautiful wife

Who ever would think that "True love" was possible. Especially to a guy like me! ha ha. This as you can guess is the story of how my wife and i came to be. Our story first begins in High school during Marching band my Jr. year. (it starts in marching bad? you KNOW its going to be good!) During one of our afternoon practices in he middle of running threw the show my best friend who was right next to me got hit in the head with one of the color guards flags in th middle of a movement, and trust me that hurts! Unfortunately most of the guards attitudes were "if you get in our way and we hit you it your own fault!" - nagging voice. But my friend being the flirt that he is decided not to make a big deal out of the situation and started to talk to this girl her name was Marissa but she (forcefully) liked to go by Missy. they became friends and started hanging out together i became more or less a friend of a friend. She would sit with us during lunch and before school like a lot of people did. during my senior year her Jr. she got sick and had to take her school work home and do packets from there kind of like a mix between home school and normal school. During Christmas while i was trying to figure out who i was going to buy gifts for and what to get she came to mind i'm not sure why we were never that good of friends and she had not been to school for a few months non the less i knew she should be on my list. Her gift from me was simple it was a bag of Hershey's Kisses with a note saying " i know you wanted your first kiss to be from your future husband... sorry its just me" i thought it was just a joke on a gift. (if you ask her she will tell you thats when she knew she would marry me) she returned to school shortly after Christmas break and we started talking more and on "B" days we had classes right next to each other so we would walk together on our way and give a hug as we parted. That year during the "Memorial day" weekend all of my friends left with there family's and so i went over to her house every day. shortly after i graduated we went on a trip to Manti Utah, to help me look into a college the and we watched a movie and i rubbed her head and played with her hair for at least 4 hours! On the way back form the weekend trip i asked if i could hold her hand and she didn't know why but she let me and the next day we were a couple.
We held hands a lot and we held hands all the time but she had never been kissed and i had a reputation as being a "lip slut" so i didn't want to kiss her to soon. After a week of being together we rubbed our noeses together for about 2 hours (Eskimo kisses) and that night before i went home i kissed her on the forehead and i thought it was a good small step. A week later we shared our first kiss... i admit i messed up i help a bit to long and needless to say it was kinda awkward esspecialy when she started to talk out of the side of her mouth and asked "now what?" ok ok my bad i had been out of practice for a while. we had our first official date a week later. i worked graveyard shift at Walmart so it was hard to find a night off to go out. we had a nice dinner at olive garden. she gets sick in the summer and cant keep a lot of food down so the waiter thought i was making her starve and kept shooting me dirty looks telling her it was ok she can order more the a salad... she thought it was funny. hen we went to a park and i pulled out a boom box and we danced in the park and i kissed her for the second time this one was much better! we laid down to look at the stars and she rubbed my head and told me it was ok to close my eye's. I started to tell her i wasn't sleepy but by the time i finished the sentence apparently an hour had passed... again not my fault i worked the graveyard shift lay off. We saw each other everyday even if it was only for 10 min to say hi and wish each other a good day. about 8 or so months later we started talking about Marriage, we both knew thats what we wanted the only guideline she gave me was to make it something you don't see everyday... so after a play the cast invited her on stage and i proposed in front of all those strangers. She graduated and we got married in the Manti Temple Aug 5th 2006.

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  1. Im going to day a bit rushed not enough detail. and not the whole story. you failed to mention that that night under the stars was the night we told eachother we love one another. or that it was almost 2 months into our dating that we finally went on our first date or that you threw me in the pool. and we were a couple the day we held hands. you didnt ask to hold my hand you asked if you could SEE it! And it wasnt all that long!