Sunday, November 15, 2009

My first passion

Me being silly with my Trumpet

Music has always been one of my passions, and has been in my family for many generations. at least on my step-dad's side of the family anyhow. My mom i don't think ever tried to play an instrument in her life and my biological father lets just say was more of a jock. Non the less he is where i got my love for rock! I have been listening to rock music of all kinds since i was born and it still is one of my favorite styles to listen to. But threw my step-dad i learned to branch out and learn to appreciate all kinds of music. the power it has to move people and take them away to what ever world there mind can make even if at first we don't like what we hear listen to what the artist is trying to make us feel. That's what music is one of the greatest forms of art in this world it has so much power and can create so many different emotions and is (in my opinion) the earliest form of art that we as humans created. We can see this in the simplest of people there is music, it might not be to the level that we can but every culture has its own style even if we cant understand each other threw language we can understand the emotions of music. Is it so hard to imagine our ancestors hitting sticks together in a steady beat. This is the first forms of music how would it be to go back in time and listen to the first song ever made! what would it sound like? what would the song tell us about the people? and what kind of emotion would they try to stir in us?
I started my own music journey by playing my dad's Clarinet passed down for many generations. I played it for about 4 years and i did fairly well i was one of the first chairs in the band but i didn't feel the passion for it like my dad told me i should feel when i really get into it i felt that there was something missing something ells waiting for me. Then late in my 7th grade year my best friend at the time invited me over to his house like he always did but this time rather then play video games or sneak onto the golf coarse by his house he wants to practice our songs from school. we had a concert coming up in a few weeks so he thought it would be fun. of coarse i had heard the trumpet played many times but always in a group or in a band. never had i heard it by itself. i remember how beautiful it was and i knew that instant that the trumpet was right for me! I went home and bashfully asked my parents if in the following school year i could make the change at first they were skeptical i don't think my dad was happy at all. he told me how hard it would be to start all over again and i would be about 4-5 years behind most trumpet players my age. i didn't care this was my calling.
The next year i started in beginning band...again! taking it one step at a time yet trying to progress as fast as i could to play catch up. that year i met my best friend also a beginning trumpet player. time passed and i made it to the concert band (the highest one) the next year most people didn't think i could get that far in one year but i made it happen.
In high school a friend of mine asked me to go to marching band with him just to try it out. it was an after school program and at first i had no desire to join but being the push over i am i got sucked into it and am i glad i did! For my birthday my sophomore year i got the best gift my parents ever gave me, it was a professional model Yamaha silver trumpet! (My first love) the shine was amazing the silver finish perfectly reflecting my face, the keys so smooth like a hot knife threw butter it was perfect! to give it my own personal feel i added a leather strap around the keys this was MINE. It sounds stupid i know but when you find YOUR instrument you can feel like there is a soul in it, like another person waiting and wanting and when we play together the heavens open and she made the most beautiful sound. I don't feel like i ever played her no i think more and more that threw me she sang!
In the end we made it to first chair in the concert band, 3 years of marching band (senior year trumpet section leader), jazz band 1, early morning symphony, the high school musical pit orchestra, and vice president of the band. in all i think my senior year i was in 5 band classes. but we grow up try to go to college, go to work, and start a family and i haven't played her since. At time i want to more then anything but fear gets the best of me. After so long part of me if afraid that ill never get the sound and music i want ever again. Am i better off starting again and trying to working my way up again or to remember the glory days and remember how great we used to be?

Music is what feelings sound like
-author unknown

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  1. I HAVE TOLD YOU FOR YEARS..... PICK IT UP AND PLAY! I love to hear you play and Hayden would love it! You have to grab his intrest before he gets too old! lol!