Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hurray for planing!

This is from last year when we were showing Hayden snow for the first time we decided to lean against a statue and fell... i don't think he likes snow very much, And don't get mad we rushed him inside cleaned him up and got him warm again very fast.

well not much to report from yesterday a lot o cleaning and playing on the Internet. Today though has started with all sorts or adventure. Reveille was at 0400 so that we could be ready to march over to a gym on base for the H1N1 flu vaccine. Rather then simply taking muster (roll call) in side the barracks where it was warm and sheltered from the wind we all waited outside in the freezing cold and wind for ruffly 25 min so they could call off every 200+ people that live in the building... I'm not sure what the exact temperature was at 0500 i do however know that at 0700 2 hours later with wind chill it was -17 degrees Fahrenheit. IT WAS COLD! after the "accurate" muster we marched... loosely about 1/2 a mile to the gym to sit on the dirty floor and be talked to like 3 year olds on how to give our self the vaccine (don't worry it was in a noes spray we didn't give our own shots ha ha) i don't know what your opinion is on the vaccine and its up to you how you feel about the whole deal i personally am not a big fan yes I'm a "hate mongering" conservative and i do believe that the media has blown this WAY out of proportion but being in the NAVY the choice about getting the shot or not has been made for me... i hope i don't die! Anyway so after that we again formed up into a loose formation went another 1/2 mile to the medical building and waited another 10 min in the cold to scan our ID's and make sure that our records are up to date. only thing left was to walk (RUN, ARE YOU KIDDING ME ITS FREEZING OF COARSE I'M GOING TO RUN!!!) back to the barracks and try to get warm. needless to say my fingers (that were in cloves btw) are still sore but at least now i can feel and move them... my head hurts though just one of the wonderful side affect from the vaccine :D so with that crazy of a morning i cant wait to see what the rest of the day has in store for me!

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