Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Since this is my first random post how about a random picture sorry all you Utah fans but this year the better team won ;)

Ok so as you can all tell I'm new to all this blogging stuff. needless to say i have decided to be a little more relaxed about my post's rather than these big extravagant story ever 2 weeks or so ill try to make the majority of my writing on the simpler thoughts and day to day activities. However for those of you that might enjoy the "story time" with Joshie do not fret ill try to post a big story ever few weeks or so. they are just to hard to think of on the spot and then i stress over them for days... like my last one i know it was cute and whatnot but as i read back i don't think it turned out how i wanted it to oh well it just leaves me room for more stories!

so just a thought... i have made now 4 posts and yet i keep getting prompts from blog spot that they think this is a spam blog! Ive cleared it 3 times already people!!! Oh well sorry if it makes getting into my blog to hard i thank you for sticking it threw for me ;) and i promise a lot more random activity from me. Speaking of which let me know what you have to think, ask questions and if you are curious about anything or want me to wright about something let me know and i will be happy to tell you all about it! well almost bed time. I hope you all have a good night!

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