Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Me my senior year in High School

I am nothing more then an average man. I am no hero, nothing spectacular about my life for the world to take notice, I work, I live, and I love. I am a member of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints" Mormon. I grew up in a complicated battle between parents which as a child can be hard and confusing, both had there best intentions but you can see ho as a kid it can feel like you are thrown around a lot. I grew up for a Deep love for Music of all kinds (except Gangster rap and country) i played in the band in school, I would sing or whistle whenever i could (as long as no one could hear) and if friends where busy and couldn't get together i would just stay in my room and listen to music until dinner and bed time. I am a very shy and quiet person but i stand up for people that are under me or that i feel i need to watch over some have often told me I'm the dad they thought they got away from or older brother for that matter. I graduated High School and soon after knew who i would spend the rest of forever with. We started dating and soon found ourselves in love and where married just over a year later. I was 19 she was 18 People said we were crazy but we didn't listen we just wanted to be together that was all we needed. nine months later we found out that we would be parents! Both of us were shocked but we have the best little boy we could ever pray for. I tried the college life 2 times and both ended shortly to say the least. we lived pretty basic lives her watching over our son me going to work to barley make the bills and but food on the table. after trying to decide what we where going to do with our lives we decided that it might be best for me to join the NAVY. I joined and went to boot camp, went threw about 3 schools and finally at last graduated Gunners Mate "A" school. My official Rank and title is GM SN Bushman, Joshua (I love putting GM SN before my name ) now i am just waiting for Orders to post so i can go be with my wife and son again. I'm sorry for the vagueness of my first blog most are just subjects that i wish to go into further detail later as i tell you about my life. Do i care if someone reads these... Meh its just nice to put my thoughts and stories down.

Through Power, I gain Victory.
Through Victory, My Chains are Broken.

-Excerpt from the Sith code

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