Tuesday, April 13, 2010

catch up!

yes i AM this cool!

Ok so i would seem when i'm not stuck in a place doing nothing all day i'm really bad about writing on the web. you know how it is, you work all day then get to come home to a loving wife with the rest of the night planned and 2 year old who wants to play. well so far this has been a great year. I'm finally living with my family again! my work schedule is pretty goos as of right now, we are expecting our second child and are about half way threw the pregnancy. but the biggest change for me has been Hayden when i left a little over a year ago he could barley walk now i see him run, clime, talking more and more, trying to learn how to play different sports among all of his other daily discoveries. right now at work i am training and training and training! if i'm not in a class i am at the office working on computer lessons. most of the classes have been pretty fun each one has its own twist. like fixing pipes that are bursting with 40 degree watter right in your face, or running up and down ladders in a smoke filled room trying to find and put out a fire, not to mention trying to read my first piping schematics (lets just say i hope nothing breaks that i would need a schematics to fix...) but by far the most interesting was the 3 week SRF-B class (basically a self-defense kinda class) the first week i was pared up with a guy who probably showered maybe once that week. the final test for that week was getting sprayed in the face with OC spray, By far the worst pain i have ever felt in my life. in comparison i have spoken to several people that have been shot and or stabbed before and they would rather take the knife or bullet before they ever took the spray again. the second week went by fast as we got to shoot guns which for me is easy and something i love to do. finally week three we are put threw the test of standing watch and guarding a ship from our instructors. In the end i passed and thats all that matters right? well thats the fast description of the last few months i have my birthday coming up along with a visit from my best friend then a trip back home to Utah so May should be a great month. I hope its great for you also.

Evil shall always triumph because good is dumb! - Dark helmet (spaceballs)

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